CRM deployment has not been a technical area that enjoys a good reputation. No doubt, you have already read the stats when it comes to CRM deployment failures. According to Forrester, the research firm, the most concerning threat in CRM Projects was that of slow user adoption (49%).

Although some people fall into the trap of thinking that CRM with less clicks will gain greater traction with users, it’s not as easy as that. There are several significant elements involved in this challenge and it’s key that:

  • you understand and know your audience
  • you recognise what value this change brings
  • you can engage the people
  • your communication and training plans are well thought out
  • you can offer a training program and system that works


XRM Architects will create a plan that is bespoke to your business, it will factor in your culture and whatever else sets you apart from other organisations. We are here to support you at your core to ensure that this works for you and brings you the benefits that you’re looking for.  

Based on our experience of many CRM deployments, XRM Architects have developed a CRM adoption framework that we know as Engage. Our Engage framework provides every tool that you need to implement your CRM system, in addition to securing high end user adoption levels.

The tools within our Engage framework include: assessment of stakeholders, communication plans, change management plans, champion frameworks and more.

Our Microsoft CRM experts will work with you and your team to ensure that the Engage stage of our CRM adoption runs to plan. We will work with your CRM personnel to make sure that your adoption is on track to run smoothly. We will be on hand every step of the way to provide coaching and full guidance on your deliverables.

XRM Architects will work with you to create a bespoke CRM adoption program based on the individual requirements of your organisation. Our staff are well practiced at being able to form a well-disciplined team with the staff of our clients.

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